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Outline of Hoy from the South
Outline of Hoy from the South

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Since 2003 practices have been judged, to some extent, by their performance on the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QOF). Generally speaking these allow valid comparisons to be made between practices on a range of parameters concerning the diagnosis, investigation and management of a range of diseases of major importance. They don't cover everything and the figures are unhelpful, or even downright misleading, where the denominators are small. That tends to be the case in small practices like ours. For example, if we have just one person with a disease then we can achieve 100% or 0% and nothing in between. Nevertheless the figures make us ask questions about what we do, which is their greatest value.

The QOF Database

The QOF Database presents official QOF data in an easy-to-digest format. You can see our data up to 2015 here, and can compare our performance with the rest of Orkney, Scotland and UK.

You will quickly see that we appear to have higher prevalences of high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart disease, stroke and diabetes than the rest of Orkney. The reasons for this are probably related as much to the quality of our records as to the actual burden of disease but our population is generally old and it is not surprising that we have large numbers of people living with the diseases of old age.

2015 was the last year for which results for Hoy & Walls were available - from 2016 our results have been combined with those of Westray, Stronsay and Sanday - the Orcades Practice. This has have some benefits - the results for the new practice are more meaningful because of the much larger denominator, but we have lost some of the nuances.



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