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Outline of Hoy from the South
Outline of Hoy from the South

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Undergraduate Training

In 2013 we were approved by Dundee University to take final year medical students for training in remote and rural general practice. We host 3-4 students a year, each staying for 4 weeks. These are students who have already passed their final exams and who are gaining practical experience before entering their postgraduate training. The attachment is a formal part of their training and is assessed.

Sometimes we have fourth year students from other universities. They are with us for elective study. This is not a compulsory part of their training, they have chosen to be here!

We occasionally have students who are attached to the Balfour hospital or one of the Mainland practices. They are here just for a few days to see how island practice differs.

We think it is very imporant that students should see 'remote and rural' practice. There has been great difficulty over the years in filling posts in the Highlands and Islands and it is vital, if we are going to have doctors in the islands in future, that we capture their interest now. Having doctors-in-training around is also good for us - it keeps us on our toes.

Seeing Patients

Doctors learn to make diagnoses and to plan management by seeing patients. There is no substitute for this. So, over their 4 weeks, the students will be expected increasingly to see patients on their own. They will also do joint surgeries with the GP. Some of their consultations will be three-way affairs but sometimes the GP will just observe. These may be consultations where the student is being assessed.


You will be informed at reception that a student is seeing patients. If you do not wish to see the student, or have the student sitting in on your consultation with the GP or nurse, that is your right. Please tell the receptionist and you will just see the GP or nurse in the usual way.

Prescribing and Referrals

The students are not allowed to prescribe but they will be expected to do everything right up to signing the prescription. Any prescriptions they recommend will be checked and agreed by your GP. The same goes for referrals and investigations. The responsibility for your care remains with your GP.


If you have comments about the students, good or bad, please tell us - we have to write a report on their performance for the university.



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