Hoy & Walls Health Centre
Outline of Hoy from the South
Outline of Hoy from the South

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Welcome to Hoy - a wonderful place.

We would like to make your time with us interesting, relaxing and enjoyable in equal measure. So that we get off to a good start please get in touch as soon as you know you are coming. This will enable us to sort out the practicialities such as accommodation and transport in good time. This is particularly important if you are coming between May and September when accommodation is at a premium or between September and May when transport is reduced and weather is increased!


We can offer a variety of good quality self-catering accommodation. There is a shop on the island but a trip to LiDL, Co-op or Tesco on the mainland is probably a good idea before you catch the ferry.


We can drive you around on the island, there is a community bus to and from the ferry, there are reasonable buses on the Mainland, so you can manage without your own transport. But if you want to explore or be independent a car is really needed (or a bike if you are fit).

Ferries to Orkney:

  • Pentland Ferries
  • SERCO Northlink

    Ferries within Orkney:

  • Orkney Islands Ferries


    Most of the time you will be in a warm, dry medical centre. Sometimes you will be walking in driving rain. Occasionally you will be outside in gale or hail or sunny, cold stillness for some time. It is nearly always windy. Layers are good. So are waterproofs and sturdy shoes.


    There will be an opportunity to get to the mainland so that you can see something of the rest of Orkney.


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