Hoy & Walls Health Centre
Outline of Hoy from the South
Outline of Hoy from the South

Hoy & Walls Health Centre : 01856 701209 : Emergencies 01856 888000 and bleep Hoy Doctor

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We are a branch surgery of the Orcades Practice, which looks after people living on the larger islands of Orkney.

We provide general practice, community nursing and emergency care for all residents, and for our numerous summer visitors.

Most of the information you need should be somewhere on these pages - if not please tell us what you'd like to see using the webmaster email link below



22 Jan 22: Covid vaccination was completed in Dec 21. If you believe that you still need a vaccination please ring the ssurgery.

Medical Student

22 Jan 22: Our current student is Matt Williams from Dundee.

Doctors Rota

9 Dec 21: Dr Cromarty

7 Feb 22: Dr Rudland

10 Mar 22: Dr Finn

31Mar 22: Dr Rudland

28 Apr 22: Dr Cromarty

2 Jun 22: Dr Finn

23 Jun 22: Dr Rudland

21 Jul 22: Dr Cromarty


Practice Leaflet

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