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Outline of Hoy from the South
Outline of Hoy from the South

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Medical Examinations and Reports

HGV book

The doctor will do medical examinations for employment and reports for employers and solicitors. These are not NHS services and so are not free. If it's an employment medical then sometimes the employer will pay but usually payment is up to the individual - if in doubt find out from reception first what things will cost.


Fees from this non-NHS work go to fund equipment and training for the practice.

HGV & PSV Medicals

Don't forget to bring the paperwork! The forms changed in 2013 and the eye examination is more detailed. If you wear glasses or are over 40 it's probably worth going to see the optician for a check up before you come for the medical. Please bring the prescription for your glasses with you.

Lifeboat Medicals

We waive the fees for these.

Employment Reports

Employers often just want a report without an examination. These are cheaper. You will have to sign a consent form before the doctor will reveal any information about you. If a report may affect your employability then you are entitled to see the report before it goes off. Let us know what you would like to do.

Solicitors' reports

These too are often just reports without an examination. They also need written consent. Check what you are consenting to. Solicitors may request acces to your entire medical record not just the sections relating to your case.


Practice Leaflet

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