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Outline of Hoy from the South
Outline of Hoy from the South

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Travel to Hospital

You make your own arrangements to travel to the Balfour Hospital but we will make arrangements for you to travel to the Scottish mainland hospitals. The system is explained briefly below; Debs and Deanna will be very happy to help you through the process.

Balfour Hospital (and other Orkney mainland appointments)

Make your own travel arrangements to attend appointments on the mainland.

If you receive benefits or are of pensionable age you can claim for the costs of public transport. If you are unable to travel by public transport, or have to take a car, you may be able to claim these costs back too but your claim will have to be authorised by the doctor.

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary (and other Scottish mainland appointments)

NHS Orkney will book and pay for your travel to Scottish mainland appointments. This will not happen automatically - we don't know when your appointment is!

Please contact reception as soon as you receive your appointment, we will need to know exactly when and where the appointment is. We will give you a booking form to complete. Once the bookings are made we will give you your tickets, information about travel to and from the airport and accommodation in Aberdeen, and a claim form.

Unless you are on the benefits listed on the claim form you must pay £10 towards your travel costs.


If you think that you will need an escort to accompany you to your appointment South you must obtain authorisation from the doctor on the booking form before you travel.




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